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Vedox Overview

The product Vedox is a herbal capsule that claims to be the ‘most powerful’ sexual energizer on the market. Unfortunately, no evidence is shown to back this up in terms of customer trials or clinical studies, and the product does not even appear to have an official website. There is no information given regarding the manufacturer, Vedox. and the brand is to be found on a very limited number of online retail sites.

Vedox can be purchased at a reasonable cost of $29.95, for one bottle that lasts for 30 days when used as recommended, which is one capsule daily. Extra doses can be taken 30 minutes prior to sexual activity for an added support, if necessary.

Vedox Product Details

Only the major ingredients are listed for the Vedox formula and while they are briefly explained, the exact amounts are not shown. However, some of them are included at their highest allowable doses and claim to be high grade extracts. The main purpose of Vedox is to support Nitric Oxide production in order to dilate the blood vessels and allow an support flow of blood to the penis. Vedox includes L-Arginine, the ingredient responsible for this, but also adds Cnidium Monnier, an ingredient that inhibits Phospodiesterase-V, the substance that can sap the erection of power. Other natural ingredients include Catuaba, Yohimbe, Xanthopamedia Scabrosa and Epimedium, plus G-protein, an ingredient that produces a euphoric sensation.

Good About Vedox

  • Vedox uses high quality ingredients
  • The main active ingredients are explained
  • No side effects are reported
  • Only one capsule is required daily
  • Additional doses can be taken if required
  • Vedox is more affordable than some brands

Bad About Vedox

  • There is no official website available
  • No manufacturer information is given
  • There is no money back guarantee
  • The testosterone supporter Tribulus is not included
  • No clinical studies are provided

Vedox The Bottom Line

Despite the reasonable cost, Vedox is not a good choice as a male enhancement product as there is simply too little known about it. Most consumers when buying this type of product require full manufacturer details and some type of guarantee, two areas that are missing with this brand.